Next generation Contacting Systems

Use these modern Next Generation Messengers App's to contact us, please.

We have good reason, why we use just these Apps listed here.

Via distributed P2P applications - your data is in your hands - you own your data, unlike if you use classic mobile phone numbers or big tech apps (that ask for your real name, mobile number and email or other private data to register and use).

We use P2P Apps showed here, with direct connection of clients, Peer-to-Peer, without any intermediary and no need for SIM cards or mobile numbers, email or any private data, in order to use these listed Apps here.


Find us on Jami:


or via QR code:

Scan our contact code with the

Jami app

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Decentralized (without any central servers) messenger, who values ​​your privacy by not reading your contacts, not asking for your mobile number, (you don't even need a SIM card or a number to have) or email or any other information.

Download Jami


Add us on SimpleX:

Scan QR code from SimpleX mobile app,

or via
direct link address

from here


or via link

Agro-Dron Simplex address
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Privacy redefined

The first messenger
without user IDs. SimpleX does not have any user ID's, not even random numbers.

Download SimpleX


Find us on Element:


or via QR code:

Scan our room code with the Open Source Element app

from here

Element Agro-Dron QR Code

Agro-Dron Room

Join our Agro-Dron Matrix Room 
(by clicking here)

Decentralized, and a secure communications platform built around you.
Trusted communication in real-time across organizations.

Element is a Free and Open Source alternative to Discord.

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Tox logo


Add us on TRIfA:

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direct link address

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TRIfA Agro-Dron Group

Our Tox group

Join our Tox group
(you need to have TRIfA installed)

A New Kind of Instant Messaging

Uses Tox Protocol that is made by the people who use it. 

Encrypted, Distributed, Free.

Download TRIfA


Add us on Briar:

Scan QR code with any QR code reader,

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direct link address

from here

Briar QR Code

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Briar address
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Open Source, decentralized, encrypted and safe, are just some of the strenghts of Briar App.

Communication can be done online and offline, syncing via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or memory cards, in case of crisis or no internet.

Download SimpleX
Times are changing

Grow your privacy

Why you should use these modern Apps too?

If you value your privacy and you want to have freedom of speech forever, without being tracked, recorded and profiled by big intermediaries and their servers and apps, then you should start using these Open Source, decentralized and free Apps.

And if you are satisfied with how they work, highly recommend them to your loved ones, so that everyone can have privacy with each other.

This is the only way we can win online privacy and freedom for us and our loved ones.

Stop being the product of the big tech Company's - start your freedom now and today, using these Apps as Daily drivers for you, your family and friends.

Spread the words about these Apps, please, and you will help the future generations to regain the freedom again.

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