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We provide high quality and cost-effective dusting services.

Our service for you .

Our Agricultural Drone provides real value spraying and increased yields; with our services we help you produce bigger, better crops and thus increase your profit.


Drone in Agriculture

Gearbox for agribusiness - Agricultural drones are a new and much faster way to spray the field


Fundamental changes

We make it easier for you to access agricultural intelligence. We fit your plans perfectly.


A cost-effective solution

Spraying with our agricultural drone instead of a tractor or airplane is the best option for both precise control as well as cost, with 20% or more benefits overall.

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Precision agriculture

We make agriculture more productive, more practical, automated by Drones and AI software.
Precision agriculture refers to the way farmers manage crops to ensure the efficiency of inputs such as water and fertilizer, and to increase productivity, quality and yield. The term also includes the reduction of pests, unwanted floods and diseases.


Drone spraying speed can be up to 40 times higher than traditional tractor spraying.


Save up to 90% of water and up to 30-40% of preparations (herbicides, pesticides, etc.)

We do not trample crops

Our Drone does not trample on crops - it flies, and therefore, there is no loss of crops, as is the case with spraying a tractor, which tramples crops on wheels.

Safety and health

Remote control, makes drone spraying very safe, no person is in constant contact with herbicides, pesticides, or any preparations.

New spraying technology

Crops require consistent fertilization and spraying, in order to maintain high yields.
Traditionally, this was done by hand, by tractors or even by plane. These methods are not only inefficient and burdensome, but can also be very expensive, as well as life-threatening, for example, with a tractor, because the person driving the tractor is in constant contact near pesticides, herbicides, or other preparations.

Spraying ha per hour


Maximum flight speed m/s


Capacity of liters of liquid


Understand the Situation

Our goal is to best understand the situation of your Agriculture, whether it is your fields, orchards, vineyards, meadows, etc. we are always there for you.

What makes us different

Our dusting services are different from tractor ones, because we can spray even when tractors are no longer possible.

Quality of dusting service

We offer an autonomous spraying solution based on mission planning, autopilot and management system.

Environmental impact

Reduced diesel fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, as well as more efficient soil erosion management and increased investment optimization.


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