Range of precision dusting services .

Field services
Crop dusting

We can efficiently and quickly pollinate your crops, such as crops in fields, gardens, fields.

Services for orchards and vineyards
Dusting from a height

Dusting services over vineyards or orchards are not a problem for us, we simply fly above, and the winds created by numerous propellers additionally affect the factor that the preparation reaches all the way to the ground.

Services in villages or towns
City and communal services

The service of dusting parks, lakes, or other open places in villages or cities, for example, against mosquitoes, is very important and desirable. In recent years, especially in summer, there is a growing problem with mosquitoes, as well as various other insects that appear in parks, lakes, and other open places, and spraying by plane is not effective when it comes to smaller specific places.

Autonomous soybean spraying

To spray 1 hectare (ha), or 1.7 chains of land, we needed only 15 minutes of autonomous flight and 10 liters of liquid, of which 1 liter was a food preparation, and the other 9 liters – water.

Human-sized corn

We flew without problems in autonomous mode and sprayed a field with human-sized corn. Also, 1 hectare in 15 minutes with about 15 liters of liquid.

Orchard trees

The height of the orchard tree is also not an obstacle for us, we flew over and dusted these apple and pear trees around one garden without any problems.

Shading the greenhouse

Active shading of greenhouses in high performance. We perform the service with great precision, and the quality is at the highest level.

Watch the video, and see for yourself.

Parks and resorts

As you can see in here, spraying tree parks or resorts, most sought after against mosquitoes and insects.

We will be very glad to be able to help everyone in the suppression of annoying, and sometimes very dangerous bites and stings of various insects.

We think about the health of us, and most of all our little ones, our children.

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